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Hunt for a Dragonball is the fourth episode of the Namek Saga in the edited version of Dragon Ball Z.


This episode starts out with Bulma and the gang in the Namek's ship. They are looking for a Dragon Ball which is in a tree. Some dinosaur hits the tree and the Dragon Ball falls out. The greedy dinosaur picks it up and scatters off. The gang is about to run after it but the Namek stops them. He says that it is to dangerous. And explains the lake of acid in front of them. They fly over it and then they see the dinosaurs skeleton. They then come to the shocking conclusion that the Dragon Ball is at the bottom of the lake. So the Namek says their is only one way of getting the Dragon Ball. Someone small enough to fit inside of the suit that could withstand the acid would have to go down to the bottom. So Gohan has to go, but there is a catch. He only has 20 seconds to get it or it will eat through the suit. He jumps in anyway. So he goes down and finds the Dragon Ball. He then has to swim up, because the cord that would have pulled him up had the acid eat through it. He can’t get up in time so he uses a one handed Masenko attack to give him a boost. He gets up just in time. So Bulma and the rest rejoice and head out for the next one.

Scene change - They soon find themselves in a desert. They look at the dragon radar and find that the Dragon Ball is moving very fast. They figure out what is happening when they see a huge twister. So they decide to wait for it to die. The Namek tells them that it won’t die any tims soon. So Krillin and Gohan get powered up to take it down. But Bulma interrupts them and tells them they might destroy the Dragon Ball. So they don’t, they just wonder what to do. But Gohan flies up to the top of the tornado and comes down the center of it. He then grabs the Dragon Ball. To get out of the Tornado he uses an attack and he comes down slowly.

Scene change - We see Vegeta in the rejuvenation chamber. He is slowly recovering from his long battle.

Scene change - It is in the middle of the night as we see our hero sneaking down the stairs. Goku is escaping from the hospital!

Scene change - Bulma and the gang are now headed into a forest are to find the next Dragon Ball. Krillin can’t see a thing so he jumps up to grab a branch. Once he grabs it and pulls it down, they hear a screech. But Krillin and everyone keeps on walking up the path. They then hear another screech and Krillin drops his new torch. All of the sudden the ground starts to shake. It ends up that Krillin, Bulma and the others are on a huge bird. They start to fly up. Another bird then the one they are on spots our heroes and tries to eat them. But it doesn’t succeed, so they are still flying up. They then see castle, and to make it worse another bird spots them. So Krillin tells everyone to jump.

Scene change - Goku is in his old outfit. And he looks determined to train.

Scene change - Krillin and Gohan have the Dragon Radar and are searching around the plateau. They then come up to a window which shows a white giant. Bulma and the Namek then join Krillin. She notices the sleeping giant and screams. Krillin tells her to be quite. They all go in, and start searching for the Dragon Ball. Bulma jumps down by the giant’s head and starts looking around his pillow. The snake the giant owns decides to investigate its new visitor. Bulma has to cover her mouth to keep from screaming. Then the giant shifts in his bed to uncover the Dragon Ball. But there is a catch, they have to pry it off of the giant’s earring. After extensive tugging they got it off. Time to rejoice, wait the giant is up and he is angry.

Scene change - We see Chi-Chi getting infuriated by the escape of her husband.

Scene change - Luckily our evil friend had a toy plane that really wasn’t a toy for us. Bulma is trying to start it up while the giant is marching towards them. Krillin tries to rush her but she told him to go and create a diversion. Gohan and Krillin are being punched at when Bulma flies by to save the day.

Scene change - Goku is hopping, running and flying around happily.

Scene change - The healing chamber that Vegeta is in is now getting drained. Vegeta then wakes up and flexes his right arm.


"Bulma]], Gohan and Krillin continue on their quest to collect Dragon Balls, with the assistance of Raiti and Zaacro. Back on Earth, Goku sneaks out of the hospital so he can resume his training. On Planet Frieza 79, Vegeta finishes recuperating from his battle on Earth." cannot be used as a page name in this wiki.

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