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"Goku]] contacts King Kai telepathically and learns of planet Namek's location and population, and plans are made to send a team there to use the Namek Dragon Balls to resurrect Earth's fallen fighters. Since no ship from Earth would be fast enough to make the trip, the group plans to use Nappa's space pod, whose remote control Krillin happened to grab. In the meantime, Goku, Gohan and Krillin are taken to the hospital, and Goku is admitted due to his severe injuries. Bulma attempts to recall Nappa's space pod, only to inadvertently self-destruct it. Just then, Mr. Popo arrives and informs the group that Kami had what he believes to be a spacecraft, and requests that Bulma come with him to Yunzabit Heights to examine it. The two enter the craft, and after concluding that it responds only to commands given in the Namek language, Mr. Popo launches it using words he picked up from Kami." cannot be used as a page name in this wiki.

A New Goal... Namek is the first episode of the Namek Saga in the original dubbed Dragon Ball Z series.


This episode starts at the battle field. Goku is badly injured and is being placed on Bulma's ship in a stretcher. The sun has just set and Bulma is upset at what has happened. She tells Yajirobe to be careful with Goku. A battered Krillin looks up at a small light and hopes that he well never see Vegeta again.

The ship takes off and Bulma begins to think about everything she did with a now deceased Yamcha. Krillin looking out at the night sky silently thanks his fallen friends Tien, Chiaotzu, Piccolo and Yamcha for their sacrifices and vows to find a way to bring them back.

A worn out Gohan wakes up in his mother's arms and is congratulated on a job well done by Master Roshi and Krillin. Gohan asks for his father and Goku replies "right behind you son" As Gohan turns around, he sees his father lying on a stretcher unable to move. Goku thanks his son for saving his life and they begin to laugh.

Krillin tells his understanding about the Saiyans and the Dragon Balls. He tells everyone that the Saiyans came in search of the Dragon Balls. They knew of Piccolo's home world "Namek" and that there were another set of Dragon Balls there. This gave them the idea of going to Namek to use the other balls.

At the hospital we can here Goku screaming in the ward. Master Roshi, Chi-Chi, Krillin and Gohan are outside. Gohan is holding a book, shaking nervously as he hears his father's screams.

We then see into the ward where all the nurse is doing is bandaging his wounds. She tells him to calm down so that "they can get started". The nurse comes out and asks for the next patient. Krillin says he thinks he left the lights on in the jet car and rushes off.. Gohan follows saying he should help. Master Roshi and Chi-Chi chase after them and drag them into the ward.

In the ward Krillin turns to Goku and tells him that he should have seen Yajirobe fighting. "Mr. Vegeta I've always admired you and I hope we can be friends". He tries to defend himself but everyone starts laughing at him.

Bulma comes in and tells everyone to turn on the TV. There is a reporter talking about the space ship Nappa arrived in. Bulma pulls out the Saiyan remote claiming that she can use anything. She presses a few buttons, but instead of the ship taking off, it explodes. Everyone is in a panic because they now have no way of getting to Namek.

Help soon arrives in the shape of Mr. Popo who is standing on a magic carpet and scaring the pants off a patient a floor below. He believes that he knows the location of another space ship. Bulma grudgingly agrees to go look at it.

Mr. Popo takes her to Yunzabit Heights (the end of the earth) and tells Bulma to follow him. It is very dark and cold and Bulma wanting to leave as soon as possible quickly follows. Asking how far to the ship without answering, Mr. Popo begins to jump up small ledges on a nearby cliff with ease.

On top of the cliff there is a very old ship. It is quite long with four spikes legs to stand on and a wide window. It is however very broken. Mr. Popo tells her that over 100 years ago Kami told him how he arrived on Planet Earth in that very spaceship and grew up alone in Yunzabit Heights. He had no memory as he had lost it all in an accident. Even after he left he would always return.

As Mr. Popo speaks the word "Piccolo", the bottom of the space ship opens up. They enter the ship and see a wide space. Mr. Popo explains that in Namekian 'Piccolo' means "another world". So this would be an obvious password for the ship.

Bulma can't get the ship to work so Mr. Popo tells her you need to use Namekian words. Mr. Popo moves to the controls and - using Namekian tongue - launches the ship. The ship jumps into space.

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