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"Guns are but useless toys! Get me my spear Upa!"
Bora in "The Land of Korin"

Bora (ボラ, Bora; FUNimation "Bora"; Literally meaning "Mullet") is a tall and muscular man of few words who resides in the Sacred Land of Karin in a teepee at the base of Karin Tower with his family.


Dragon Ball

Commander Red Saga}

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Bora is unaffected by bullets.

Bora became a target of the Red Ribbon Army when he found the Four-Star Ball fall from an erupting volcano while protecting his son Upa from the falling rocks. Yellow and his troops tried to kill him to get the ball but were defeated by Bora alone because the bullets from their guns had no effect on him. With only Yellow left, Upa was captured by Yellow and threatened to throw him off a plane if he didn't surrender the ball. Goku showed up and defeated Yellow saving Upa in which Bora to happily rewarded Goku with the four star Dragon Ball since Goku's reasons for having it were pure. When an assassin named Mercenary Tao came to kill Goku, Bora interfered and tried to take on Tao but was easily killed by the mercenary when he was thrown in the air and impaled by his own spear. Goku avenged Bora by climbing Karin Tower, defeating Tao and taking down the entire Red Ribbon Army at their headquarters. Bora was wished back to life by Shenron after Goku located the final Dragon Ball by defeating Uranai Baba's warriors.

King Piccolo Saga

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In his next appearance, Bora assists Goku once more by throwing Yajirobe (with an injured Goku on his back) up Karin Tower.

Dragon Ball Z

Bora just before giving energy to Goku's Super Genki Dama.

Bora is later seen early in Dragon Ball Z when the Z Warriors arrive at Kami's Lookout to train for the forthcoming battle against Vegeta and Nappa. He later appears with his tribe during the Kid Buu Saga when he, along with Upa and group, give energy to Goku for his Super Genki Dama. There is also an implication that Bora has wed and had another child, as the woman by his side is holding an infant bearing a striking resemblance to Upa in his childhood. Bora also briefly appears in the Dragon Ball GT episode "Piccolo's Decision".

Dragon Ball GT

Bora in the background with Upa, his son, and the rest of his tribe in Dragon Ball GT.

Bora is seen with his son, Upa, and the rest of his tribe being transmitted by Super Saiyan 4 Goku to New Planet Plant before Earth's impending disaster due to the effects of the Black Star Dragon Balls.


Dragon Ball: Mystical Adventure

Bora fighting against Tao in Dragon Ball: Mystical Adventure.

Bora also appears in Dragon Ball: Mystical Adventure where he and Upa attempt to protect a Dragon Ball from Tao. He later fights Tao in the Tenkaichi Tournament where he is flung into a spear held by a statue. He is later revived at the end of the film, much like he was in the anime.

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  • Bora is the first character in the entire series to be brought back to life with the Dragon Balls.
  • Bora is one of the few characters whose death isn't censored in the edited version of the episode where it occurs, but also in all subsequent edited episodes leading to his revival.
  • After Bora was brought back to life, he vowed to find a way to someday thank Goku. This is done in Dragon Ball Z when Bora convinces his people to give their energy to Goku's Spirit Bomb to beat Kid Buu.
  • In "The Eternal Dragon Rises", while Shen Long is coming out of the Dragon Balls, there is a close-up of a drawing on Karin Tower that shows the face of an Indian. It changes into a face that looks much like Bora in the lightning.