Orinji Temple

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Orinji Temple (多林寺, Ōrinji; FUNimation "Orin Temple"), or simply Orin, is a temple full of monks who are distinguishable by the six incense burns on their foreheads.


Orinji Temple was where Kuririn originally trained for eight years before he left to seek a better training regime.

Kuririn was four years old when he entered Orinji Temple and was constantly picked on by bullies. He later left to train with the legendary Muten Roshi on his island, where he also met Son Goku, and improved his skills.

At the 21st Tenkaichi Tournament, he encountered the same bullies who had trained with him at Orinji Temple and they mocked him for choosing to compete. It soon became clear, however, that Kuririn had significantly surpassed their skills in martial arts and strength when he easily defeated one of them in the preliminary rounds (much to Kuririn's own surprise).

Video games

Orinji Temple appeared in Dragon Ball Z: Attack of the Saiyans. It was located in Metro East, which means that Orinji Temple was later destroyed along with the rest of the city by Nappa's attack when he and Vegeta arrived on Planet Earth.


  • The two main bullies from the temple are a short, dark-skinned man and a tall, light-skinned man with a goofy look on his face. These two characters' design is rehashed many times in Dragon Ball, including for two of Silver's men, two drunkards that taunt Tao Pai Pai after his clothes are destroyed, and two students of Mutaito, who are friends with Crane Hermit, when Son Goku travels back in time for training.