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The following is a list of minor characters.


Aru Village residents[edit]



Hedge (ヘッジ, Hejji; FUNimation "Alexi"), or Ange in the Ocean Group dub, was one of the girls who Oolong kidnapped from Aru Village. She seemed to have spent the whole time exercising, and even called Oolong "Snuckums".

She is named Villager D in Dragon Ball: Origins. She appeared in Level 2-6 where she ran away from Aru Village in the hopes of living in the city for an easy life, but ended up getting lost in the forest instead. Goku and Bulma then had to find her and return her to her village. After she was returned, it was said that she learned her lesson and that it was not so bad living in Aru Village.

Hedge's Father[edit]

Hedge's Father

Hedge's Father (FUNimation "Alexi's Father"), or Ange's Father in the Ocean Group dub, was a farmer from Aru Village and the father of Hedge. When he reunited with Hedge after Oolong's defeat, he was surprised to see that she was living in luxury the whole time.

He appeared in Dragon Power as the first villager who Goku and Bulma met in Aru Village. He later appeared in Dragon Ball.



Hog (ホッグ, Hoggu; FUNimation "Hogg"), or Sarah in the Ocean Group dub was one of the girls Oolong kidnapped from Aru Village. She was seen sitting around drinking a fancy drink and wearing new fancy clothing.

Goku has the choice of bringing her to Turtle Hermit in Dragon Ball Z: Chō Gokū Den: Totsugeki Hen. She is named Villager E in Dragon Ball: Origins.

Hog's Father[edit]

Hog's Father

Hog's Father (FUNimation "Hogg's Father"), or Sarah's Father in the Ocean Group dub, was a man who was in the crowd gathered around Sherman Priest's house when Goku and Bulma arrived. It was implied in the Ocean Group dub that he was the father of Sarah since he asked for Goku and Bulma to bring his daughter back after Alexi's and Little Flower's parents already had been shown. In both the Japanese dub and FUNimation dub, however, he did not mention having a missing daughter, instead asking if Goku had what it took to beat Oolong.

He is named Villager G in Dragon Ball: Origins. In the bonus chapter (Level 2-6), Hog's Father asked Goku and Bulma if they could find a girl from the village, who was Alexi, and return her to the village after she had run away wanting to live in the city.

Hog's Grandmother[edit]

Hog's Grandmother

Hog's Grandmother (FUNimation "Hogg's Mother"), or Sarah's Mother in the Ocean Group dub, was the grandmother of Hog. She apparently had "prayed for her baby's return". She was surprised when she saw that Hog had been living in luxury the whole time that she had been kidnapped by Oolong.



Johnny was a young boy who lived in Aru Village. In the battle between Goku and Oolong, he shot a slingshot at the back of Oolong's head (who was in the form of a robot at this time). Johnny's Mother grabbed him and ran inside her house saying, "Johnny, do you wanna get yourself killed?"

Johnny may have been an inspiration for Penny in Dragon Ball: Curse of the Blood Rubies as they both used a slingshot to attack Oolong.

He is referred as Villager I in Dragon Ball: Origins.

Johnny's Mother[edit]

Johnny's Mother

Johnny's Mother was the mother of Johnny. After Johnny shot Oolong with a slingshot, she grabbed him and ran inside her house to safety.

She is named Villager H in Dragon Ball: Origins.



Lee (リー, Rii; FUNimation "Little Flower"), or Becky in the Ocean Group dub, was one of the girls who Oolong captured from Aru Village and was released after Goku defeated him.

She is named Villager F in Dragon Ball: Origins.

Lee's Father[edit]

Lee's Father

Lee's Father (FUNimation "Little Flower's Father"), or Becky's Father in the Ocean Group dub, was a Native American from Aru Village and the father of Lee. He was surprised when he found out that she was living in luxury the whole time that she had been kidnapped by Oolong.



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Billy was a boy from Spinach Wastes. His only appearance was in The New Threat where he was seen from a distance falling off the roof of a farm building into a haystack with one of the farmers then saying, "Good one, Billy".

Brown County Cowboys[edit]



Chibi (チビ, Chibi) was a Brown County Cowboy who was the short, bearded member of Tall Man's group. He is unnamed in the FUNimation dub.

Tall Man[edit]

Tall Man

Tall Man (ノッポ, Noppo) was one of the Brown County Cowboys seen in the Brown County Saloon. He was the only person who was not afraid when he heard Launch's name. When Launch showed up in her nice personality (everybody only knows her in her bad personality), he bought her a drink trying to hit on her. When she sneezed and changed into her bad personality, she easily beat him up. It is unknown what happens to him or his followers afterwards.



Tubs (デブ, Debu) was a Brown County Cowboy who was one of the followers of Tall Man and shown in the beginning of "Look Out for Launch". He was seen talking to Tall Man in the Brown County Saloon. When Launch showed up and transformed, he was beaten up along with the rest of the bar customers.

The Savior Mister Satan's Record of Glory! actors[edit]

Most of the The Savior Mister Satan's Record of Glory! actors whose names are in the credits.

Ten The Savior Mister Satan's Record of Glory! actors were seen in the documentary played at the 25th Tenkaichi Tournament. The eight actors who made up the Z Warriors were K. Isiwata, M. Fukushi, M. Tominaga, T. Ashida, T. Ianifuji, T. Kanno, Y. Ebisawa, and Y. Inoue, but the credits did not clarify which actor played which character. The other two characters were clarified as M. Hashimoto as Mister Satan and K. Fujicka as Cell. The roles that were not specified were Son Goku, Vegeta, Piccolo, Future Trunks Brief, Kuririn, Son Gohan, Yamucha, and Tenshinhan.

K. Fujicka[edit]

K. Fujicka

K. Fujicka was the actor who played Cell in The Savior Mister Satan's Record of Glory! documentary about the Cell Games. He was defeated by Mister Satan (played by M. Hashimoto). His first name is unknown and his face is not seen, but you can see that he has reddish hair.

M. Hashimoto[edit]

M. Hashimoto

M. Hashimoto played the role of Mister Satan in The Savior Mister Satan's Record of Glory! documentary about the Cell Games. In the documentary, he wore a large Satan mask and defeated Cell (played by K. Fujicka). In the FUNimation dub, Satan mentions that the mask M. Hashimoto wore had his expression entirely wrong, not to mention was embarrassing.

In Dragon Ball Z: Lord Slug, M. Hashimoto was the name of a journalist who worked for NBS.

Chao's Village[edit]



Chenshi was a baby in the village that Terror and Plague attacked. Terror and Plague had a man-eating gourd which swallowed anyone who did not reply when called by name, and so they gathered the villagers up and called out their names. There was no way that the two-week-old Chenshi could reply to his own name though. Terror forced Chenshi's Mother to tell him his name so that he could call it out. Luckily, Goku had come to get rid of Terror and Plague at Chao's request. Unable to tolerate this, he dashed in and put a stop to it and Chenshi was spared. His character design is the exact same as Turbo Norimaki.

Some other villagers whose names were called out were Burka, Sari, Pino, Huang, Temujin, Lian Jie, Ho Jie, and Hu Jie.

Chuu Lee's family[edit]

Chuu Lee's Mother[edit]

Chuu Lee's Mother

Chuu Lee's Mother was the mother of Chuu Lee. She resembles the village maiden from "The Rampage of InoShikaCho" and the aged Future Son Chichi from Future Trunks Brief's timeline.


Chu-Li and Pippi

Pippi was Chu-Li's pet bird who flew away causing Chu-Li to wait for it. The bird is female in the Japanese dub, but male in the English dub.

Cletus and Otis[edit]

Otis (left) and Cletus (right).

Cletus and Otis were two Humans who were shown in a semi-truck during Vegeta's battle against Artificial Human No. 18 in the episode "Deadly Beauty". Cletus had dark hair, while Otis was big, bald, and had a beard. Cletus noticed that Vegeta and No. 18 were on top of the semi-truck, but Otis (who was driving) did not believe him.



Demetrious was a Kanassan who briefly appears in Dragon Ball Z: Bardock: The Father of Goku. During the events of the Kanassan war, he was able to draw blood on the Great Ape form of Shugesh with a small, yet powerful, energy blast. After telling his commander of his success in injuring the Saiyan, he was stepped on and killed.


Ed flying the helicopter right before Videl jumps out.

Ed was the man piloting the helicopter that Videl rides to the burning building in the Funimation dub episode "Gohan's First Date". After Videl jumps out of the helicopter, despite Ed warning her that it was too dangerous, she nearly dies before the Great Saiyaman assists her in putting out the fire. Ed is voiced by Christopher Sabat.



Emi was one of the little orphans traveling in the mirror ship that Krillin, Bulma, and Gohan meet during their travel to Planet Namek in the episode "Held Captive". She is saved by Gohan when a fire breaks out in the spaceship. After Krillin, Bulma, and Gohan save the ship from destruction and leave, Emi is never seen again.

Fictional characters[edit]

Characters who are fictional in the Dragon Ball universe.

Bongo the Rabbit[edit]

Bongo the Rabbit

Bongo the Rabbit was a large, pink robot Rabbit who shook hands with Pan while she was on Goku's shoulders at the 28th Tenkaichi Tournament. Bongo told Pan that he was her best friend. He is not to be confused with the other character named Bongo (the Recoome-esque muscleman serving Gurumes in Curse of the Blood Rubies) or Krillin's name in the Harmony Gold dub.

Chad, Katie, and Loretta[edit]

Chad (left) and Loretta (right)

Chad, Katie, and Loretta were three characters in the romantic film that Gohan and Angela went to see at the Satan City Theatre on their first and only date. At about the time Angela became offended because Gohan fell asleep, Loretta was on the verge of breaking up with Chad because of an alleged letter he wrote to a third unseen party named Katie.



Marsha was a blonde character on a TV soap opera who is seen being dumped by her boyfriend on the TV shortly before Cell's broadcast to the world about his Cell Games.

Natalie and Rex[edit]

Rex (left) and Natalie (right)

Natalie and Rex were two more characters in a TV show that was being watched by Muten Roshi and Maron in the episode "Last Ditch Effort". The show concludes with Rex breaking up with Natalie and then walking away from her, while Natalie pleads for him to come back. In the Ocean Group dub, their names are Blake and Crystal.



Fred was a man seen in the audience at the 25th Tenkaichi Tournament speaking with a friend before Trunks fights Mr. Satan in the exhibition match. Fred told his friend that he would not even let his kid in the ring with Satan if they were in Trunks's position because he thinks Satan is too strong.

Fire Safety Kids[edit]

Fire Safety Kids

The Fire Safety Kids appeared in Dragon Ball: Gokū no Shōbō Tai. They set off fireworks in a park, but some of the fireworks flew in different directions. One landed near Son Goku and another started a fire in a trash bin. Goku told them not to play with fire or fireworks unsupervised. Goku then introduced the kids to the rest of the town's Shōbō Tai, who told them not to leave gas stoves on and that cigarettes could even burn a house down. That night, both of them informed their parents about this to prevent their house from catching on fire. As they walked to school the next day, an earthquake hit. After the shaking stopped, they both saw a fire in Bulma Brief's apartment at the Park Street Apartments. They quickly called 119 and Goku and the rest of the Shōbō Tai arrived and saved Bulma and Tama. Afterwards, they all thanked the kids for reporting the fire so quickly.

Fire Safety Kids' Parents[edit]

Fire Safety Kids' Father
Fire Safety Kids' Mother

The Fire Safety Kids' Parents appeared in Dragon Ball: Gokū no Shōbō Tai. They were only seen in one scene wearing their pajamas. Their son told his mother that she should make sure that the gas was completely off before going to sleep. Their daughter told her father that he should not smoke a cigarette in bed.


An unnamed humanoid soldier (left) and Frog-face (right) bringing Freeza a Dragon Ball.

Frog-face was a purple-red-headed, reddish-pink-skinned humanoid dilophosaurus-like alien. He was shown giving Freeza a Dragon Ball in one of the first episodes Freeza appeared in. He is the same alien race as Goose, who appeared later in the saga. In the Ocean Group dub, his name was referenced as Frog-face, since Freeza referred to him as "my little frog-faced warrior." He is also named Frog-face in the Frieza Saga card set from the collectible card game. He was killed when one of the three Namekian warriors reflected energy blasts from another Freeza soldier in different directions, and one of the blasts ricocheted and fried him to death. His voice actors are Hitoshi Bifu in the Japanese dub, Scott McNeil in the Ocean Group dub, and Mike McFarland in the FUNimation dub.

Jimbo and Slimjim[edit]

Jimbo (left) and Slimjim (right).

Jimbo and Slimjim were two thugs who were part of the Red Shark Gang during the Great Saiyaman Saga, and held the mayor of Satan City at knife point demanding that Mr. Satan come out to fight their leader. Jimbo and Slimjim are the first two members of the gang to be seen when they are on a joyride terrorizing citizens. Gohan steps up to fight them, but when he see Videl watching he lets his guard down because he does not want her to know of his strength. Jimbo lands a punch to Gohan's face and Videl jumps in and takes out Jimbo with ease, and the two flee back to their gang.

King Kress and Queen Kress[edit]

King Kress
Queen Kress

King Kress and Queen Kress were king and queen of Fiend Village, a village Goku visited in "Goku Goes to Demon Land". They asked Goku to enter the Demon Realm to save their daughter, Misa. She had been kidnapped by Shula, the king of the Demon Realm, who planned to marry her. After Goku rescued her and left the Demon Realm, he returned her to the king and queen. The king appeared to be very grumpy when he first met Goku, but became very happy and grateful after he saw that Goku had saved his daughter. He also was aware of the existence of Muten Roshi.

King Wonton and Queen Harumaki[edit]

King Wonton and Queen Harumaki

King Wonton and Queen Harumaki were the king and queen of a land that Goku visits in "Goku vs. Sky Dragon". They hold a match that is to be between Master Chin of the Chin-Star School and Sky Dragon of the Phantom-Fang School for the title of "Master of Martial Arts", but Goku fills in for Chin instead.

Mack and Tommy[edit]

Mack (right) and Tommy (left)

Mack and Tommy were two of Maron's many boyfriends who showed up on Turtle Island to pick her up in the episode "Last Ditch Effort". They both came in their own small boats. They were the first two of Maron's boyfriends to show up; shortly after they showed up, roughly a dozen more boyfriends showed up.


Babidi using the Haretsu Majyutsu on Marvin.

Marvin was the man in charge of the 25th Tenkaichi Tournament. He appears in both the manga (in cameos during the World Tournament Saga where he acts as a background character) and the anime (in "Learn to Fuse").

After Babidi makes his telepathical broadcast to Earth's people demanding the whereabouts of Trunks, Son Goten, and Piccolo, Marvin – who has their information from the tournament – contacts Babidi and tells him their names (he says that one of them is named Ma Junior since Piccolo is registered under that name) hoping that Babidi will spare him. Babidi wants to know where they are located, however, something Marvin does not know. Babidi then ruthlessly kills him by using his powers to inflate his head until it explods, and then tells all the people of Earth that if they can not find their addresses in 5 days, Majin Buu will kill them all. One assumes he is later revived by the Dragon Balls.

Namu's family[edit]

Namu's Father[edit]


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Namu's Father was an old man seen in "Another Adventure-- The Wandering Lake". He had three sons, Namu, Ami, and Dabu. His address was SAM 275508 S.



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Ami was the brother of Dabu and the younger brother of the warrior Namu. His address was SAM 275508 S.



Dabu was the brother of Ami and the younger brother of the warrior Namu. Dabu appeared as a heavily-starved boy who had almost no body mass. It is presumed that after Turtle Hermit sponsored Namu's Village by giving them food that Dabu became a normal, healthy boy. His address was SAM 275508 S.

News reporters[edit]

Barry Walters[edit]

Barry Walters

Barry Walters was a news reporter for NNS and hosted a live broadcast in one of the cities desecrated by Cell during his Absorption outbreaks. Here, Walters suggested various ways that viewers could avoid being absorbed due to Cell still being at large and imperfect during this time. He appeared in "Our Hero Awakes".

Beverly Jones[edit]

Beverly Jones

Beverly Jones was a news reporter and reported an update on Cell's destruction. She said that Cell was attacking South City. Hearing this gave the Z Warriors the idea to try and ambush him in South City by flying there in a ship so that their powers were not sensed. While on the way to South City, Goku had healed and teleported into their ship.

John Johnson[edit]

John Johnson

John Johnson was a news reporter for NNS at the time Cell was absorbing people. He appeared in the episode "Our Hero Awakes". After reporter Barry Walters was done with his report, he went back to John Johnson (though he said he was going back to someone named Roy). John told everyone to stay safe and be prepared. Cell, who had just absorbed a gunman and was watching the report at the time, responded by kicking the TV, shattering its screen.

Nick Hornby[edit]

Nick Hornby

Nick Hornby was a news anchor and interviewed the Great Saiyaman after he had rescued a falling jet in "I'll Fight Too!". He was said to work for Channel 10.

Next World residents[edit]



Mijorin was character from the Next World who is formerly of the North Galaxy. Little is known about this character except that he was likely been trained by North Kaio and had "fought off an army of evil invaders, about 7000 years ago" according to North Kaio. He first appears in "Tournament Begins", and throughout the Next World Tournament recognizes Goku's amazing fighting abilities.

Mijorin also makes a cameo appearance in Dragon Ball Z: Fusion Reborn.



Sarta was a character from the Next World who is formerly from the North Galaxy. Little is known about this character except that he was likely trained by North Kaio and had "bravely protected his planet from meteorites, 3600 years ago" according to North Kaio. He first appears in "Tournament Begins" and like Mijorin seems impressed with Goku.

Patrol 15[edit]

Patrol 15

Patrol 15 were two soldiers of King Furry's army that appear in "Earth's Guardian Emerges". They discover a dead Bear which was killed by a young Piccolo Jr.. They first mistake him for an innocent child and warn him that there might be poachers, but Piccolo uses his powers to damage their guns, scaring them away.

Pansy's Parents[edit]

Pansy's Father[edit]

Pansy's Father

Pansy's Father was the father of Pansy, a resident in the Land of Gurumes, and a seemingly strong fighter in Dragon Ball: Curse of the Blood Rubies. He saved Pansy from one of King Gurumes' soldiers and was beaten up by Vongo as a result.

Pansy's Mother[edit]

Pansy's Mother

Pansy's Mother was the mother of Pansy and a resident of the Land of Gurumes in Curse of the Blood Rubies. She was watching the kingdom being bulldozed down in search of Blood Rubies. She yelled out when Pansy attacked one of Gurumes' soldiers. When her father came out to save her, he was beaten up by Vongo. She then came out of the crowd to rush over to her beaten husband. She looked identical to Suno's Mother.

People who tried out for the Ginyu Special Corps[edit]

From left to right, Goose, Strong, Strock, and Oggers posing with Ginyu (center).



Strong was the same alien race as Raspberry, but had darker skin. He holds the rank of captain and appears in the anime only. Unfortunately for Strong, he messes up while posing during his tryout and is knocked into the sky by Ginyu. In the FUNimation dub and Ocean Group dub, the reason that Ginyu knocks Strong into the sky is changed into him being the same rank (captain) as Ginyu. As Ginyu knocks him away, he yells, "There's only one Captain on the Ginyu Force, and that's me!". His voice actors are Yukimasa Kishino in the Japanese dub, Adam Henderson in the Ocean Group dub, and Justin Pate in the FUNimation dub.



Goose was a green-headed, pale yellow-skinned humanoid dilophosaurus-like alien. He only appears in the anime, and is the same alien race as the Frog-Face soldier seen in the Namek Saga. During his tryout for the Ginyu Force, Ginyu knocks him into the sky because, according to Ginyu, Goose did not have enough style to be on the Ginyu Force. His voice actors are Kōzō Shioya in the Japanese dub, Ward Perry in the Ocean Group dub, and Sonny Strait in the FUNimation dub.



Oggers was a short, orange alien who appears in the anime only. During his tryout, Ginyu grows tired of the activity and declares the tryouts over, knocking Oggers into the sky along with all the other remaining candidates. His voice actors are Kenji Utsumi in the Japanese dub, Paul Dobson in the Ocean Group dub, and Sonny Strait in the FUNimation dub.



Strock was an anime-exclusive filler character. Ginyu knocked him into the sky when he brought the tryouts to an end.

Piccolo's Adoptive Parents[edit]

Piccolo's Adoptive Father
Piccolo's Adoptive Mother

Piccolo's Adoptive Parents were an old couple who found Piccolo Daimao's last egg containing Piccolo Junior. The old lady spotted the egg and she and her husband brought it to their house. There, they witnessed Piccolo's birth. Later, the young Piccolo burned the couple's house down and vowed revenge. The couple only appeared in Lost and Found and did not appear in the manga.

The old lady looks similar to Ocha-baasan, the shopkeeper from Penguin Village.

Snake Princess' Attendants[edit]

Snake Princess' Attendants

Snake Princess' Attendants (蛇姫 の 家来, Hebihime no Kerai) were always at Snake Princess' side.

Red Ribbon Army soldiers[edit]

Scout 0-1[edit]

Scout 0-1

Scout 0-1 was a soldier in the Red Ribbon Army. He sees Goku, Krillin, and Bulma leave the Kame House to search for the Dragon Ball in a Submarine. He then tells Blue that his base is the Kame House and that the only people there are an old man, a turtle, and a woman who are all unnarmed.

Soldier 23[edit]

Soldier 23

Soldier 23 was one of the last soldiers of Blue's sector. He is sleeping back at General Blue's Camp during the time Goku, Krillin, Bulma, and Mousey escape the Pirate Cave. When he wakes up, he hears Goku say that he has defeated Blue which makes him afraid and causes him to hide in a shelf while they investigate the base. After they leave, Blue comes back and, after being informed by the soldier that the three had been in the base and that he had been sleeping on the job hid from them instead of tryng to stop them, kills him with a gun (then he says to himself "now you can sleep all you want").


Vegeta interrogating Rittain hoping to gain clues to the location of Goku.

During the Garlic Jr. Saga, Vegeta ruthlessly slaughtered some of Freeza's men on a distant planet in search of Goku. Rittain was the last surviving soldier on the battlefield of a dodo bird-like alien race called the Rittains (although the race is only named in the Japanese dub). He wondered why Freeza would order Vegeta to do something like that to his race. Vegeta interrogated Rittain hoping to get some answers on Goku's whereabouts.

Rittain, who had never met or heard of Goku/Kakarrot, said he knew nothing. Vegeta then went on to explain about how Kakarot was the one who killed Frieza and that Vegeta had betrayed Freeza. This left the soldier in shock and he was angered at this, thinking that the Saiyan prince was lying. He tried to shoot him with his ray gun. In reciprocation, Vegeta grabbed and crushed the gun in front of his face before he even had a chance to fire and Vegeta then blew his face up with a ki beam. This soldier was voiced by Kazumi Tanaka in the Japanese dub, Terry Klassen in the Ocean Group dub, and Chuck Huber in the FUNimation dub. In the FUNimation dub, although his name is never mentioned onscreen, he is named Rittain in the credits.

Tenkaichi Tournament competitors[edit]

Bruce Lee Impersonator[edit]

A character resembling Bruce Lee.

A Bruce Lee Impersonator can be seen several times in the Elimination Round of the 21st Tenkaichi Tournament. He is first seen training just before the fights starts. When Goku came into the ring to fight Fighter 69, He can be heard saying, "What is this, the Diaper Brigade?" He is then shown fighting against Krillin in a match where he hits him a few times and uses his famous Dragon Stomp. When Krillin gets back up, the 'Bruce Lee impersonator gets scared and hides behind the referee and surrenders. Another character that resembles Bruce Lee is seen in "A Trip to the City" where he challenges people to a street fight and anyone who beats him will get 1,000 Zeni. Goku defeats him easily.



Catman was a fighter who is seen registering for the 23rd Tenkaichi Tournament. Despite being called Catman, he shows no cat-like traits. He is not seen fighting in the Elimination Rounds but he apparently lost them since he was not one of the eight finalists. His only appearance is in the anime episode "Changes".

Contestant 40[edit]

Contestant 40

Contestant 40 was a blue anthropomorphic Wolf who lost in the Elimination Round of the 21st Tenkaichi Tournament. He made it to the final Elimination Round which would have resulted in being in the tournament but he was set up against Yamucha. When Yamucha used the Rogafufu-ken on him he thought it was a silly name, but then was defeated by it. He is one of the few people to be successfully defeated by the Rogafufu-ken.

Contestant 69[edit]

Contestant 69

Contestant 69 was a fighter who lost in the Elimination Round of the 21st Tenkaichi Tournament. He was first seen lifting a huge weight before his fight. When he saw Goku was his fight he and the rest of the audience thought that it was a joke. Goku then pushed him with one finger causing him to lose balance and fall out of the ring surprising him and everyone in the room watching (most of which assumed it was luck).

Ranran Rōshi[edit]

Ranran Rōshi

Ranran Rōshi was a fighter who lost in the Elimination Round of the 21st Tenkaichi Tournament. He made it to the final Elimination Round which would have resulted in being in the tournament but he was set up against Goku. He thought Goku's stance was weird because it left all of his area's open but then was quickly defeated from Goku throwing him out of the ring.

Fighter 97[edit]

Fighter 97

Fighter 97 was a giant anthropomorphic Bear who had a British English accent and wore a karate gi. He lost in the Elimination Round of the 21st Tenkaichi Tournament. He was first seen in the audience laughing along with the other fighters because of Goku's size when he was going to fight Fighter 69 and later seen amazed when Krillin beat the Orin Temple Bully. He made it to the final Elimination Round which would have resulted in being in the tournament but he was set up against Krillin. Krillin easily beat him by kicking him straight in the face where he fell to the ground and raised a white flag forfeiting the match. His character model appears in Dragon Ball Z: Super Gokuden: Kakusei-Hen as a generic fighter in the 23rd Tenkaichi Tournament preliminaries. The character model appears three times, losing against Yamucha, Piccolo, and Chichi.

Mad Chilli[edit]

Mad Chilli about to fight Papayaman.

Mad Chilli was a semi finalist in the 30th Tenkaichi Tournament. He lost to Papayaman (Uub).


Mugley crying after winning a match.

Mugley was the winner of the 30th Tenkaichi Tournament Junior Division. He won by running up to Goku and knocking him out of the ring while Goku was distracted by Vegeta.



Tiger Thief[edit]

Tiger Thief in "Terror and Plague".
Tiger Thief in "Goku's Traffic Safety".

Tiger Thief was an anthropomorphic Tiger (similar to Bear Thief) who was asked to save Chao's Village in "Terror and Plague". He declined the offer, however, and was about to attack Chao when Goku showed up and defeated him.

Another Tiger Thief appeared in Goku's Traffic Safety and picked a fight with Goku. He was defeated and fell off of a bridge.


Tsuno appearing in the anime.

Tsuno (ツーノ, Tsūno; FUNimation "Elder Tsuno", Viz "Elder Caracol") was a Namekian village elder who Vegeta confronts and kills. He and the other Namekians in his village are the only Namekians on the planet who are not revived by the wish from Shen Long because the wish is to revive those killed by Freeza and his henchmen. Tsuno and the inhabitants of his village are killed by Vegeta, who is no longer aligned with Freeza due to his blatant betrayal. Tsuno's voice actors are Naoki Tatsuta in the Japanese dub, Alvin Sanders in the Ocean Group dub, and Christopher Sabat in the FUNimation dub.

However, it is possible that he is revived sometime after Moori updates the Namek Dragon Balls because in the episode "Mighty Blast of Rage" Vegeta makes it quite clear to the other Namekians that he killed the Namekianss from that village. The series makes no statement with regards to a resurrection of the Namekians from the village that Vegeta destroys.

Tsuno's name is revealed only in a single line of dialogue shortly after the Namekians are transported to Earth, and only in the Japanese dub. In the American VIZBIG manga, he is referred to as Elder Caracol.

Unnamed characters[edit]

Aerobics Woman[edit]

Aerobics Women
Aerobics Women

The Aerobics Woman (エアロビ の 女の人, Earobi no On'anohito) were women who appeared on Turtle Hermit's favorite TV program, "Wide-Thigh Aerobics"[1], which he watched whenever he was able to. He claimed that watching them could unlock the key to creating a new technique, when in reality he watched it for the pleasure of seeing beautiful women work out. Every time he was seen watching the program, the woman was different. This program first appeared in "The High Price of Education" in the manga and "Goku's Rival" in the anime. In "Find That Stone!", Arale Norimaki could be seen on the TV instead of the Aerobics Woman. When the screen shifted back to Turtle Hermit, an Aerobics Woman was seen again. In one episode, Roshi was seen listening to workout tapes on a cassette player rather than watching it on TV.


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Wani (ワニ, Wani) was interrogated by Pilaf and his grunts, Mai and Shuu, while he sunbathed in a hammock next to the Kame House. After Pilaf threatened him with a knife, the Wani pointed out the location of Turtle Hermit to the two henchmen and their boss and he was never seen again.

Unnamed Captain[edit]

The Unnamed Captain discovering the remains of Freeza amongst the rubble of Planet Namek in outer space.

The Unnamed Captain made his debut in "The Coming of King Cold", the 330th chapter of the Dragon Ball manga. He makes his first anime appearance in "The Mysterious Youth", the 119th episode of Dragon Ball Z. The Unnamed Captain was a humanoid who worked as a soldier in Cold's interplanetary operations. His appearance was marked by the curious combination of yellow hair coupled with a white beard. The Unnamed Captain was responsible for the discovery of what remained of Freeza after his climactic battle with Super Saiyan Son Goku. He oversees the journey to Earth upon Frieza's recovery, where King Cold and Mecha Freeza intend to exact revenge on Goku. After Future Trunks interferes, however, this Captain and his comrades effortlessly fall victim to the youth from the future. He was voiced by Ken Yamaguchi in the Japanese version, Michael Kopsa in the Ocean dub, and Christopher Sabat in the FUNimation dub.

Unnamed Commander[edit]

Unnamed Commander
Unnamed Commander trying in vain to run away from the explosion.

The Unnamed Commander was of the same alien race as Kewie and only appeared in DBZ Episode 97. His facial appearance and armor were similar to Kewie with the exception of him wearing a cape over his armor. His loyalty to Freeza was strong, as shown when he killed another of his own race when that soldier insulted Freeza in front of other warriors by presuming Freeza was dying. He monitored the battle between Freeza and Goku along with a person similar to Malaka in appearance. However, when they tried to read Goku's battle power, the machine overloaded and the Unnamed Commander died in the explosion along with the rest of the soldiers. He was voiced by Masato Hirano in the Japanese dub, Jason Gray-Stanford in the Ocean Group dub, and both Mark Britten and Bill Townsley (onwards) in the FUNimation dub.

Unnamed Doctor[edit]

Unnamed Doctor

During the Namek Saga, when Goku was in the hospital, he was in the care of an Unnamed Doctor who slightly resembled Dr. Brief (and sounded quite similar to him), except with slightly spikier hair and a smaller mustache. He and the nurse refuse to let Goku train with his bad arm. At first he does not want Yajirobe to give him the Senzu Bean, and both he and the nurse are quite shocked to see it completely heal Goku, and they watch as Goku flies away on his Kinto Un.

Unnamed Tenkaichi Tournament Staff Member[edit]

Unnamed Tenkaichi Tournament Staff Member

An Unnamed Tenkaichi Tournament Staff Member worked at the Tenkaichi Tournament and was primarily seen during the Tournament Saga. He was seen at times with a megaphone and directed contestants to go to their matches. Bulma Brief got mad at him because he would not allow her to see Yamucha fight. Turtle Hermit referred to him as a "loud-mouth".

Mutant Namekians[edit]

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The Mutant Namekians were actually the first Namekians who appeared onscreen in the anime, making their first and only appearance in "Enter King Piccolo". Unlike Piccolo Daimao's sons in more modern times, such as Drum and Piano, their names were never revealed and they never spoke. They all had a similar winged and scaly appearance with various animal-like features. Turtle Hermit recounted how they rampaged around the world until they attacked Mutaito and his students. In the aftermath, all of them were destroyed and Crane Hermit, Turtle Hermit, and a wounded Mutaito were the only survivors. There are some misconceptions that Cymbal and Tambourine were among these creatures, but there are several inconsistencies with this theory.

Unnamed Namekian Warrior[edit]

Unnamed Namekian Warrior

The Unnamed Namekian Warrior appeared in Dragon Ball Z: The Return of Cooler. He was led in handcuffs with other captured Namekians by Coola's Cyclopian Guards. After he witnessed a fellow Namekian collapse from exhaustion and get dragged without mercy by one of the guards, the Unnamed Namekian Warrior broke out of his chains and attacked the robot. He was easily stopped and caught in the guard's clamping hands and was thrown viciously to the ground. Before the guard was able to kill the Namekian with his blaster, Son Gohan showed up and deflected the blast.

Unnamed Saiyan Elites[edit]

The three Unnamed Saiyan Elites along with Prince Vegeta, Nappa, and King Vegeta.

The Unnamed Saiyan Elites were three Saiyans who were members (likely generals) in King Vegeta's Elite (they only appeared in the anime when Vegeta recalled his past). Interestingly, all three had the same green Scouter and their Saiyan Armor was nearly identical to each other's except for the colors. Their hairstyles, however, were different. The first one had normal black hair, the second one had blonde hair, and the third one had reddish hair. On an unnamed planet, the three Saiyans and Nappa laughed in entertainment after Vegeta had sadistically blasted one of the inhabitants. The inhabitants tried to fight back, but the Saiyans were protected by a shield. The three Saiyans (the first one kneeling and looking bored, while the second one and the third one were standing as they watched), Nappa, and Vegeta witnessed King Vegeta destroy the inhabitants and the planet.

Unnamed Saiyan Messenger Soldier[edit]

Unnamed Saiyan Messenger Soldier

The Unnamed Saiyan Messenger Soldier was one of King Vegeta's messenger soldiers of the Royal Guard and was ultimately killed by King Vegeta after he failed a mission.

Unnamed Sniper Assassin[edit]

Unnamed Sniper Assassin

The Unnamed Sniper Assassin attempted to kill Tao Pai Pai while he stayed in the village where he got new clothes. When attempting to kill Tao, Tao flipped his sandal off of his feet and into the air which prevented the bullet from hitting him. He only appeared in Episode 61 of the Dragon Ball anime entitled "Korin Tower".

Unnamed Son of Upa[edit]


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The Unnamed Son of Upa was the presumed son of Upa and Upa's wife, and also the grandson of Bora. He first appeared during the Buu Saga in Dragon Ball Z as a baby seen in the background who was being seen carried by his presumed mother. He also appeared during the Baby Saga in Dragon Ball GT as a young boy in the background who was standing next to his mother as Goku planned to transport all of the villagers to New Planet Plant. He is presumed to be the son of Upa and his unnamed wife since he was seen being next to or taken care of by Upa's wife, indicating that she was his mother. As a baby, he greatly resembled his father.

Unnamed Truck Driver[edit]

The Unnamed Truck Driver eyeing Goku Jr.'s backpack full of food.

The Unnamed Truck Driver was seen in Dragon Ball GT: A Hero's Legacy. He offered Son Goku Jr. a ride only to steal the young boy's food while he was turned around urinating. Other then being a thief, the Unnamed Truck Driver was a slob and very overweight. He worked for a company called Mac Macs, which apparently was a hamburger distributor.

Unnamed Wife of Upa[edit]


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The Unnamed Wife of Upa was the presumed mother of Upa's son and the presumed daughter-in-law of Bora. She first appeared during the Buu Saga in Dragon Ball Z as she was seen in the backround with a baby who appeared to be her son when Upa and Bora were considering sending some of their energy to Goku's Spirit Bomb. She also appeared during the Baby Saga in Dragon Ball GT when she, her son, Bora, and Upa were helped by Goku in getting to New Planet Plant before Earth was destroyed. She is presumed to be the wife of Upa and not of Bora due to her relatively appearing to be around the same age as an adult Upa in Dragon Ball Z and Dragon Ball GT.



Walter was one of the police officers pursuing the Artificial Humans after Artificial Human No. 18 shoplifted an outfit from a clothing store. While on the chase, No. 18 got out of the van and took out all of the police cars with ease, halting their pursuit. After the police cars had been taken out of commision by No. 18, Walter and another police man laid beaten and dumbfounded in their car.

Wayan Budhiyasa[edit]

Wayan Budhiyasa was a spectator who attended the 21st Tenkaichi Tournament in "Let the Contest Begin!!". He was outside the gates when Goku, Kuririn, and Muten Roshi first arrived.

Wayan Budhiyasa is an actual person who Toriyama met while on vacation in Bali with his wife. As a token of his appreciation for Budhiyasa showing them around the island, Toriyama drew an unnamed caricature of him in the manga. If you look closely at that scene, however, you will note that Budhiyasa's name is printed on his shirt and there is a Bali sticker on Roshi's suitcase.[2] Unfortunately, he only appears in the manga since Toei left him out of the anime.

White's Sisters[edit]

Picture of White's Sisters

White's Sister were two women who seemed to be younger than General White. They were only seen in a picture Murasaki dropped when fighting against Goku in Muscle Tower. The picture was of them in their panties getting dressed in ninja attire, revealing that they were ninjas like Murasaki. One had purple hair and was shown putting on blue, while the other one was blonde and was seen putting on pink. Coincidentally, there was a picture shown in Murasaki's hut of a blonde girl who was identical to White's blonde sister and was wearing a pink uniform.

Yamucha's Fan Club[edit]

Yamucha's Fan Club

Yamucha's Fan Club was a group of girls from West City who were romantically interested in Yamucha, despite him dating Bulma. They appeared in "Master Thief, Hasky" where they yelled outside of Capsule Corporation wanting Yamucha, but were disappointed when Goku showed his face out of the window instead. Bulma then got mad and told them all to go away.

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